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The Formula Mazda

The Formula Mazda (FM) is an open wheel race car which is adaptable to both oval tracks and road courses.  It is a "spec" formula car, meaning that under the sanctioning body of the SCCA and the FM class, all cars are virtually the same.  The motor is sealed by Daryl Drummond Enterprises, the official engine builder, and all parts must be as provided by the Formula Mazda manufacturer, Moses Smith Racing.  Minor adjustments can be made by driver and crew to the ride heights, toes, cambers, casters, wing angles, gear ratios, and tire pressure, in order to accommodate the vast variety of the tracks and conditions that exist.  This allows competitors to race on a level playing ground, and when the checkered flag drops, the best driver is revealed, at least for that day... Competitors race to determine who is the best driver on a given day – not who can spend the most money. 

At the amateur or club racing level, the FM is eligible for Regional and National championship competition in the Sports Car Club of America's Formula Mazda Class.  In National competition, drivers can ultimately qualify to race for a National Championship at year's end. 
In a typical season, Formula Mazda will appear in over 150 pro or amateur sanctioned races in North America.


The chassis is a strong, proven design with well-mannered handling characteristics. Its predictable feedback makes it an easy car to drive, inspiring confidence for novices and pros alike. Double wishbone and rocker arm suspension members are attached to the chassis with shear plates. This ensures relatively quick and easy damage repairs, often accomplished in the pits between track sessions.


It is no secret that the key to the Formula Mazda's affordability is the low maintenance powerplant. The legendary Mazda 13B rotary not only produces an effortless 180hp, but does so with bullet-proof reliability. It's not unusual for the sealed and rev-limited motors to remain in cars for over three seasons without a rebuild.  This level of reliability and longevity is unheard of in the race car world.


Dry Weight ....1140 lbs

Minimum Wt. with Driver ....1350 lbs.

Engine ....Mazda 13B rotary

Wheelbase ....95 in.

Horsepower ....180

RPM Limit ....6800

Brakes .... Cockpit adjustable bias, 'spec' calipers, steel discs

Features .... Adjustable shocks, sway bars, brake bias, and wing angles




Although the FM is not the latest and greatest in technology, it offers the same feel and excitement as some of the more expensive and time-consuming racecars with top speeds at 150 mph, 2 “G”’s in the corners, and 0-60 in under 4 seconds.



Lots of drivers “step up” to Formula Mazda after racing other types of race cars. However, many start out in the Formula Mazda without ever having any previous racing experience.



The Formula Mazda was the 3rd largest National Class in SCCA Southwest Division in 2011 (out of 29 classes). More Formula Mazda's are raced in the Southwest Division than in any other area of the country.  The FM is eligible to participate in the following SCCA racing events:

SCCA Schools

SCCA Regional Races

SCCA National Races

SCCA National Runoffs

There are also other local racing sanctioning bodies in which the Formula Mazda can participate. They are as follows:

COMMA is a small club similar to SCCA that is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. They run all of their races at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit which is 30 miles west of Tulsa. The race weekends provide you with about 10 practice sessions and two races. COMMA offers a very relaxed atmosphere and plenty of track time for your money. Hallett is the home track to several FM’s.

NASA is a fairly new organization to Texas. Check out the NASA Texas website or NASA Pro Racing

No Problem Raceway is a 200 acre, multi-use motorsports park located 55 miles southwest of New Orleans in Assumption Parish on Highway 996 and offers the Grand Bayou Road Racing Series. No Problem is the home track to a growing number of FM’s. Check out their website at: www.noproblemraceway.com

Or, if you’re not interested in racing, but just want to own and drive a Formula Mazda, you have come to the right place.  Texas Autosports is located at:

Motorsport Ranch - Motorsport Ranch is a Sports Car Country Club. It has a 1.7 mile road course and a 1.3 mile road course which can be combined into a 3.1 mile road course.  It is located 20 minutes South of Fort Worth on Highway 377. It is open most weekends to members for driving their race cars, go karts, motorcycles, or sports cars in a controlled, safe, environment at high speeds. For membership info, go to their website at www.motorsportranch.com Or give us a call at Texas Autosports if you just want to try it out!




2018 Race Schedule

2018 Race Events

NOLA Motorsports Park
March 02, 2018 - March 04, 2018
(SCCA Majors)
HALLET Motor Racing Circuit
April 08, 2018 - April 11, 2018
(SCCA Majors)
Road America June Sprints
June 14, 2018 - June 18, 2018
(SCCA Majors)
September 14, 2018 - September 17, 2018
(Non-Series FM Racing)
SCCA National RunOffs
October 13, 2018 - October 22, 2018
(SCCA Majors)
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